Newspaper clipping: 1974-75 Sacramento Alumni officers

The following article, found in a chapter scrapbook, describes the installation of the chapter's second set of officers. The newspaper clipping does not include the name and date of the publication, but judging from other articles in the scrapbook, it's likely from the Sacramento Observer. 

Two items of note about the citation under the photograph: First, while the original citation listed "George James" seated to the far left, the brother pictured is George Jones, the same brother named correctly in the text of the article. I knew Brother Jones and can confirm that this is indeed him in the photo. Second, the original citation listed only David Covin in the kneeling row. I know Brother Covin, and can confirm that he is the brother on the right; Heyman Matlock was able to identify the brother on the left as Leroy Harris, one of the chapter's charter members.

To view a scanned image of the original newspaper article, click here.

- Ed Sanders, Historian/Reporter, Feb. 14, 2014

From the newspaper clipping:

Standing left to right: Gerald Charles, Clarence Williams, Richard Harris, Lloyd Tunstall, William Smith, Alex Angel, Albert Byrd, David Woods. Seated left to right: George Jones*, Joseph Russell, John Robinson, Palmer Sullins, Robert Sublett. Kneeling left to right: Leroy Harris*, David Covin.
The Sacramento Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi held its second "Installation of Officers" ceremony last Friday (December 13). The ceremony was followed by a dinner party, at Aldo's Restaurant, to celebrate the occasion.

Polemarch Richard A. Harris, passed the reigns of the organization for 1974-75 to newly elected Polemarch Clarence Brown. Other officers include: Vice Polemarch Palmer Sullins; Keeper of Records John M. Robinson; Keeper of Exchequer Joseph L. Russel (sic); Strategus Robert Sublett; Lt. Strategus George A. Jones; Historian & Chairman of Ways & Means Wetumka M. Moffatt, Jr.; Director of Reclamation Reuben R. Brown; and Dean of Pledges Clarence Williams.

The theme of the affair was "A Tribute to the Founder," Richard A. Harris.

Harris was formerly a member of Gamma Alpha at the University of California at Berkeley, and the Berkeley Alumni Chapter before coming to Sacramento. It was through his untiring efforts that an Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi became a reality in Sacramento. After the traditional toast to Harris, he related how he succeeded in organizing the local chapter.

The highlight of the evening was a toast to the Silhouettes. The pin and sweetheart song was led by George Jones.

Other members of the chapter in attendance were Alexander G. Angel, Sr., Albert A. Byrd, Gerald T. Charles, David Covin, Tom Duncan, Leroy Harris, William Smith, Floyd E. Tunstall, and David Woods.

Dancing ended the evening with a view towards the planning of a February or March Banquet honoring Kappa Lt. Governor, Mervyn M. Dymally.

circa December 1974, newspaper clipping from an unknown publication