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Chapter History

Prior to the fall of 1973, 
a group of Kappa men had been meeting on the second Wednesday night of each month at the law office of the late Clarence S. Brown, Esq., located in the United California Bank Building, 4920 Freeport Boulevard, Suite D. Their objective: to establish a chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi in Sacramento, the capital city of the State of California.

On September 10, 1973, Brother Richard Harris, the acting Polemarch of the Sacramento group, mailed a letter to all Kappas in the greater Sacramento area, stating that he placed a call to national headquarters regarding a chapter. Brother Earl A. Morris, the National Secretary of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, told Harris that the group should expect to hear from the Grand Board concerning a charter. Sometime in during the following month, Harris sent a letter to the brothers in Sacramento, stating that they would soon have a charter.

The brothers met again at Brother Brown's office on the night of Monday, November 26, 1973. The group elected four key officers--Brothers Richard A. Harris, Polemarch; Attorney Clarence S. Brown, Vice Polemarch; John Robinson, Keeper of Records; and Attorney Joseph Russell, Keeper of Exchequer--with the remaining officers to be elected at a later date.

Subsequent meeting dates and locations were discussed, and on December 6th, 1973, the group met at the home of Brother John Robinson. Three important agenda items were discussed, First, the charter would be presented at the Berkeley Alumni Chapter's Black and White Ball, held in Richmond, CA. Second, a sum of thirty-two dollars would be pro-rated among the brothers present to cover the cost of official literature. Third, annual membership dues of twenty dollars* per member was established, payable at the time Grand Chapter dues were paid, with any balance to be paid within six months.

Additional organizational meetings were held at the home of Brother and Mrs. Elbert Kinnebrew on December 10, 1973. The history of the chapter would be not be complete without inclusion of thanks to Brother and Mrs. Moffatt for allowing the chapter to meet in their home on numerous occasions.

Standing left to right: Gerald Charles, Clarence Williams, Richard Harris, Lloyd Tunstall, William Smith, Alex Angel, Albert Byrd, David Woods. Seated left to right: George Jones, Joseph Russell, John Robinson, Palmer Sullins, Robert Sublett. Kneeling left to right: Leroy Harris, David Covin.
On January 25, 1974, the charter members of the Sacramento Alumni Chapter met at Brother Attorney Brown's home to establish the chapter; Province Polemarch James O. Whaley of the San Diego Alumni Chapter officiated. 

The Grand Chapter Board of Directors approved the charter the following month on February 22nd; the new, official chapter officers were: Richard A. Harris, Polemarch; Clarence S. Brown, Vice Polemarch; John M. Robinson, Keeper of Records; Joseph Russell, Keeper of Exchequer; Reuben Brown, Director of Reclamation; Palmer Sullins, Dean of Pledges; Robert L. Sublett, Strategus; David Covin, Director of Guide Right; and Wetumka Moffatt, Historian. Additional Charter members of the Sacramento Alumni Chapter included Clarence Williams, Lloyd Tunstall, Leroy Harris, George Jones, William Moffatt, Alexander G. Angels Sr., Albert Byrd, George T. Charles, William Smith, David Woods, and Tom Duncan.

source: First Edition Western Province History, Thursday, April 26, 2012

*Trivia: The $20 annual dues established in 1973 is equivalent to $105 in 2013 dollars.